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shegollum : the strength of talent!

shegollum is a friend. A very special, dear and lovely friend.
She's a wonderful woman. Her heart is boundless ( I know it!) , her soul deeper than the deepest ocean, her "spirit is soft" and vibrant at the same time. She's got a pure, amazing, highly creative talent : actually she's a great and sensitive writer!

She wrote some of the most touching and beautiful pages I've ever read. Once I told her it looks like she's got a magical power on the words : she's almost mysteriously able to give them real life and the words spring from her volcanic mind and flow from her powerful imagination like they were a rushing clear stream.

Replying to a comment on her lj shegollum wrote that :
"....I just can't write a word and I'm feeling a lot like I have nothing to contribute anymore and that just makes me more and more depressed."

I know a writer sometimes goes through a phase of emotional and creative block, I think that's absolutely understandable. But I won't let a magnificent writer think or feel she's useless yet.

My dearest,
you gave us all fantastic unforgettable moments of sheer happiness! You made all of us smile and cry and throb with joy and quiver with hope and desire. You allow us to discover new emotions, to dig deeply inside of our minds and hearts and "feel" what's pain, what's fear and, above all, what love means.
Thank you, shegollum, thank you darling for being just who you are : a beautiful spirit that makes this world a more comfortable place and this life more tolarable.

I want to celebrate and pay a little tribute to this masterly writer in the best way I know:

"The American laughed ruefully and Sean thought a sound had never before been so precious. He rubbed the other man’s back and waited.

“I need to go away, Sean.”

The Englishman was stunned, his hand stopping its gentle motion.

“What do you mean?”

“I need time to think, to put this in it’s place in my head somehow.”

“Let’s go together.”

“No. Not this time, Sean.”

Viggo stood, the conversation almost at an end.

“I love you, Sean. Completely. But I need some time. You’ve got to give me time to let this go. I need to be by myself. I packed a bag already and I’m going. I’m sorry.”

He looked so lost, so miserable that Sean stood to hug him, resigned to what he knew he could not argue.

“Why are you sorry?” he whispered into his lover’s ear.

Viggo’s voice shook as he answered. “I’m letting you down, Sean. I know I should be stronger…but I…I just need to think.”

Sean pulled back, sorrow and concern marked on his face. He took the other man’s head between his hands and locked green eyes onto blue, his gaze laser like in intensity. “No, Viggo. No guilt between us. Ever. Do you think I don’t know that this is a part of who you are? This need to sometimes be alone? You can’t help it anymore than I can help the worrying I’ll be doing. Take what you need, but know that I have to know that you are okay. You will call me?”

Viggo nodded and finally tears broke free, his blue eyes closing against his pain. Sean held him through it, never letting him fall."

from GREEN DARK chapt. 22 by shegollum


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Apr. 15th, 2009 09:35 am (UTC)
I absolutely agree with every word you have written, dear. shegollum has been a good and supportive friend to me too, through a difficult time healthwise, apart from being the author of KEYS, one of my very favourite and often re-read fics and in general a very caring and decent person.

Here's hoping that she can find her muse again, but she needs to know that she contributes just by being here for us all!
Apr. 15th, 2009 08:45 pm (UTC)
i agree; her writing knocks me out! :)
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