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A short time later, you’ve  stopped crying. You wriggled out of my arms and you’ve gone away from me crawling upon the floor.

Your knees drawn to your chest, your arms circling them as you ‘re staring into space.

Your eyes refuse to meet mine.

We are opposite each other.

It’s odd that you’re so near to me but so distant. Unreachable.

I’m watching you and you’ve  never seemed to me so helpless, so vulnerable, desperately alone.

You’re reckless like my love for you. Because that’s love , I’m sure . That’s love because it hurts, damn It hurts!

That’s love because I can’t breathe when you’re close by me. I can’t think straight. That’s love because the world lose his colours when you’re  not with me.

I’m watching you and I’d like scream – TALK TO ME !!! SEAN! TELL ME HOW DO YOU FEEL BY NOW???-

Maybe you've listened to me. You’re slowly turning your eyes towards me. Your incredible green eyes.

I’ve to try! I have to!

-Sean…..-I decide to ignore the lump in my throat and I don’t want to look at you, I can’t now, -Sean….please… say it to me. Say it to me if you want this pain vanishing. Say it to me  so you’ll be free … we’ll be free… we’ll be able to start living again… all of it‘ll be easier…..please Sean…don’t torment me any more …..tell me….you don’t …….love…me.-

I look up and fix my eyes on yours. Your eyes. Your eyes can speak . Though I need you to speak aloud now. I need to hear your voice, your words.

-How do you know it? – you ask me.

-What?....what do I have to know..Sean?.....-

-How did you find out……I…. cannot…. lie.-



Outside It isn’t raining anymore.



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